A Race across the Beach!

By Dave Hanks

This bull ELEPHANT SEAL is mad. His eyes are aflame with irritation and he could do me real damage if he caught me. Such furious eyes – I will never forget them! I thought seals were slow, but I had to sprint to stay ahead of him. I was doing some close-up photography when he suddenly came alive. A girl had been throwing rocks at him in order to get a reaction. She got one all right, but he directed his wrath at me. Thankfully, I didn’t trip, as I dashed across the sand out of range.

Seals can’t sit up like Sea Lions because they don’t have jointed hind appendages. The protection of marine mammals has resulted in an increase of the Great White Shark. ELEPHANT SEALS are the shark’s favorite food and the area around San Francisco has the most shark attacks in the world.

“What a proboscis!”