Run Rabbit Run!

By Dave Hanks

Here at the home place the cottontails are racing to and fro. 
There seems to be rabbits everywhere - dashing back and forth 
across our lawns, driveway, and flower beds. It’s spring and things 
are stirred-up.

It’s spring and cottontails are “cavorting” “Tis” an interesting display of their courting There is running, hopping, and occasional fighting But, to watch their behavior is “delighting”

These high energy displays Are some of nature’s interesting ways That weeds out the sick and promotes the strong To ensure good health – when new bunnies come along

Agility and speed are good for mate selection And for steady and abundant reproduction Prey species numbers are essential To both predator and prey “tis” beneficial

Cottontails are solitary animals most of the time. Females will defend territories of up to 15 acres – males much more. This ensures a sufficient food source for new crops of rabbits, and separation keeps the spread of disease in check.

(Adult and Baby)