Someone is always thinking up something worse!

By Dave Hanks

Why must an ideal situation always get changed? It’s generally called progress – but more often than not, it is a step backward. Humans seem to be unable to leave well-enough alone. They take pride in change – change at all cost. I certainly favor change, if it is an improvement. But sad to say, that only happens about 1 out of 10 changes.

In the 60’s, the USA was a world leader in education. Time tested methods were working well. But things can’t be let be – the powers that be had to shove secondary subjects down to the elementary school. The result is that time spent on the basics is cut short. The result in math, for example, is kids that can’t do fractions, division, percentages, or solve story problems. Then along came the 95 minute period on alternate days. This cuts into the amount of learning that takes place. Very few persons can absorb a 95 minute lesson. The result is a regular lesson being taught with time left over to do home work. Students like it because they don’t take home work home. Teachers like it because they don’t have to teach as much. Administrators like it because they aren’t required to be in the halls between classes as much. But the biggest farce of all is George W. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind.” It sounds good, but the emphasis is on testing instead of learning. The proper name for it should be: “Get Your Tail Out Of Here If You Can’t Pass The Test – You Must Not Foul Up Our Records.” Drop out rates have increased since this policy was invented. In other areas, the government can’t seem to keep its hands off things either. Every elected official feels the need to come up with something new – good or bad – hence more regulations are continually put on the books.

As a nature lover and photographer, I’ve seen areas that were once productive, with lots of wildlife, become much less appealing. Someone always feels the need to wipe out vital habitat to put in pavement for parking lots or for modern toilets. Also, silly rules (made by those that don’t understand anything about animals) like not feeding the birds, are put in place in our parks. One can’t even put out a pan of water in our desert parks – even though the birds are drying of thirst. Constant changes have resulted in less habitat space and a reduction in wildlife to observe.

Another thing, I like simple, wholesome food in as close to its natural state as possible. However, that is hard to find unless you fix it yourself. Somebody is always “globbing” it up because they think it makes a more attractive dish. To me it usually turns my stomach.

Even religion can’t leave things alone. Simple, direct commandments, given by the Lord, have to be dissected until any resemblance to the original directive is coincidental.

Such is the nature of the human animal – change for progress? – change for change sake? – frustrating, to say the least.