Free Men vs Herd Men

By Dave Hanks

I recently finished a book where the author described individuals he called "Free Men", as contrasted with individuals he called "Herd Men". His interpretations were most interesting, and I believe accurate.

A "Free Man" is not controlled by what the group might do or say. He thinks for himself and is his own man. A "Herd Man" is very much concerned with group acceptance, and doing the "right thing" (in the group's eyes). He follows the "Book" and does what it advocates as proper.

To conquer a group of "Free Men", it involves conquering every single individual - a very difficult task! To conquer a group of "Herd Men", all that is required is to control the few leaders - so much simpler.

I wonder if more and more of our population are becoming "Herd Men", and if our various organizations, and our nation, are becoming weaker as a result!