Grief - Remarriage

By Dave Hanks

GRIEF resulting from the death of a spouse, leaves one open to all sorts of uncertainties: does she still love me? - will she still be devoted to me? Ė will there be someone on the other side that she will become attached to? Ė Etc.


Some people feel that a deceased mate telling their living mate to remarry is real love, because they donít want their spouse to be lonely.

Is this deep love? My feeling is a definite NO! Even though it is hard to be alone, they can deal somewhat with loneliness in other ways: service projects are one way. NO WAY do I want my spouse living with another man! I will honor our marriage covenant by doing the same for my wife who has died.

For a wife or husband to suggest remarriage, to me, indicates a lack of real love. Itís as if the spouse doesnít really care that much about their sealing union. IF CAROLYN SUGGESTED THE OPTION, IT WOULD HURT ME DEEPLY!!