Gut Feeling

By Dave Hanks

Gut Feeling

I am certainly not promoting this as a Gospel fact,

But – I have this feeling deep down in my guts that I can’t seem to dismiss. No matter the angle I approach it from; it seems to me that if you really have a testimony of the Gospel Plan you would believe in Temple marriage as follows:

Being SEPARATED from your spouse through DEATH is NO DIFFERENT than a SEPARATION because of something here ON EARTH, like a military separation. So, both situations should be treated the same. Both situations cause extreme loneliness – the only difference would be the time interval.

We would look with extreme derision upon a spouse uniting or living with another, because of a military separation, in order to get through a lonely period. So why (if you accept the sanctity of the Temple sealing ordinance) would you condone doing the same thing because of a death separation?

It almost seems to me that re-marriage, after a spouse’s death, would wipe out the previous marriage bond. I can’t get that feeling out of my system.

Fifteen or twenty years of earth time is but a brief moment when compared to eternity. President Monson’s quote: “Don’t sacrifice eternal joy for momentary pleasure” – seems to me to apply here.

Many would site polygamy as an excuse for the man to re-marry, but this seems to me to be grossly unfair and unjust to the woman!! I have a very hard time accepting polygamy as anything but a situation for just a small percent of the males that the Lord gave the permission to do. Not something you would do on your own volition.

(Man must leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife and become one flesh - Married Friday December 13th - Salt Lake Temple)