Best Leaders

By Dave Hanks

The best leaders stay close to those under them. They are unselfish and put the good of their organization ahead of personal desires. Humility and concern for others are assets that seem to be rare when one gets in a position if authority. Leaders should, also, be able to think independently when necessary. Individuals that have imagination and the ability to improvise should be chosen. However, those types are not received well within the group hierarchy. The hierarchy wants those that don’t “rock the boat” and adhere to all social etiquette. In plain words, they want “yes men”.

These are the types (in the army) that send troops in a frontal assault against heavily fortified positions – thereby getting many killed. I have noticed that there is no difference in peaceful organizations – Church positions are not immune to this type of thinking.

I had football coaches that did everything by the book – no imagination or innovation to utilize the best skills of their personal. I have noticed that coaches that had innovation qualities seem to be the ones that turn poor programs around.