Orbits - The General Pattern of Life

By Dave Hanks

Electrons have orbits. Planets have orbits. They make up the overall scope of existence.

As a preschooler, no orbit is there. I am the center of the universe. Everything revolves around me Itís me, me, me.

But learning comes fast. Oh, the awakening when I am thrown into orbit! School is here. High School and then College - To stimulate an ever expanding awareness. My world and learning and acquaintances expand exponentially.

Growing older, I become more aware of the real world. Learning my lifeís options greatly increase my orbit. Career and family, if successful, induce a constant growth.

If I learn lifeís major lesson - I move from - ME and you - to YOU and I.

But as life progresses in age, My orbit swells and then shrinks like a bubble.

Old age reverts to youth again. My attention is dominated by the talk, talk, talk - Of my medical infirmities.

My perspective returns to ME. I become the center of the universe once more - And no orbit remains.