Hassled by Police

By Dave Hanks

“Life doesn’t happen along the Interstates. It’s against the Law!”

How true this is! But it also seems to be difficult to experience it along side roads. There seems to be a law at every turn and woe unto he who appears to be out of the ordinary stereotype.

I was once asked: “When you travel in your camper, are you ever bothered by crooks?” My answer is no. Never have the usual bad elements of society bothered me, only the usual (the cops). We are always hassled by the police on just about every trip we take. Why? Because we are not appearing as society dictates as to what is proper for folks to be recreating at. Police are only a step above the “crooks” and like nine out of ten individuals in positions of authority, can’t handle it with common sense or with absence of some degree of tyranny.