The Wisdom of Keeping a Low Profile

By Dave Hanks

I remember, as a boy, a story my Mother used to read to me. The setting was “Horse and Buggy” days. It was about a colt that was hitched to a milk delivery wagon. Every morning, while the young horse was tied-up by a set of houses, a school boy – on the way to school – would get a charge out of tormenting the horse. He would throw rocks, slap the colt with a stick, or anything to annoy the beast. The colt would kick, or try to bite, but the boy would only laugh and avoid any retaliation.

One night, in the horse barn, an old mare ate the young horse’s ration of oats in return for her advice. The advice was to never respond, no matter the provocation. Much against his instincts, the colt did just that – although it was very hard at times. The boy kept up the torment for a few days, but eventually he stopped. It wasn’t amusing anymore.

This is an apt analogy to human behavior. My college's athletic teams are always being assailed by their rivals. The more the fans or players respond, the more intense the “barbs” become. Instead of diminishing, the “barbs” increase and become nastier. One must learn to KEEP ONE’S MOUTH SHUT – to let one’s performance on the athletic field do the talking.

It is always wise TO KEEP A LOW PROFILE and to keep one’s mouth closed, no matter what the situation. Never responding to the “barbs” of others, is the way to minimize the abuse received.