Old Bulls

Old Bison bulls go off by themselves
	 a few years before they die.
This fact I've always known
	 but have always asked the question.  Why?
         Now that I'm older I've got a clue
	        to that behavior so very brusque
         I feel just like those Bison bulls
	        and the answer to that is just:

That as you are getting older,
	patience wears to a thin veneer.
You have less mind to "horse around",
	for the young bulls: a kick in the rear.
	Some things are no longer important
		that use to loom so big.
	So off to the sand dune to get relief,
		scratch - rollover - wallow and dig.

And all alone at the waterhole,
	to meditate on life and it's way.
On the trail, what will appear?
	some fresh grass would be OK.
	Life's values change with age.
		This phenomena I have seen.
	Ways of looking at things do change,
		you are a different being.

Peace of mind is valued.
	It's a prized possession now.
And after life's rigors, I request:
	"May I have serenity, somehow"?
	Life can be so pleasant,
		when I am left alone. 
	And like the old Bison bull,
		so content on my own.

(Dave Hanks)