We have a little Cottontail.
His tail is silky white.
I see him every morning,
before the sun is bright.

He especially likes our bushes
and the cover that they give.
He sneaks back and forth from them 
What a way to live!

He is so very cute 
so cuddly and so plump.
And as he hops away I see,
the white bobbing of his rump.

I hope that nothing eats him,
as he scurries from tree to shrub.
Im sure hed be delicious 
a tasty bit of grub.

The mornings promise excitement
from the wild things on our place.
And Im so very grateful
that they seem to find the space  

To romp or fly so freely.
It makes me feel so good!
But with a yard like ours,
I guess I knew it would

     (Written for my Granddaughter)

(Dave Hanks)