The Angus Cow

By Dave Hanks

There is something that I hold dear  
	Its a roomy black matron that I revere

Rugged, but feminine is this beast Extremely adaptable, to say the least

Its the Angus cow of much renown There is no equal to be found

Shes maternal and fertile, and easy to calve A quality that is certainly good to have

Her calves are vigorous and jump to their feet And when fed-out, yield high quality meat

Shes easy to care for with maintenance minimal And contrary to belief, she is very gentle

On what she is fed Ive seen other types try Their competition lags Of that I dont lie

But this cow, comes through with great zeal Does it with ease and preserves eye-appeal

If you ask why its Angus I feed Its basically the cow Shes the strength of the breed!

(Recalled from the years when I bred cattle in Montana)