Face to Face

I come around a forest bend
And much to my surprise –
	There before me is a face.
	I look into its’ eyes.

The heart beats faster and blood pressure –
So very quickly it doth rise.
	Is this thing friendly?
	Or is this my demise?

Backing into cover –
A move I feel is wise.
	Perhaps the surrounding foliage,
	Will provide adequate disguise.

		The earth has many treasures,
		Each is lurking round about.
			Whether flower, bird, or ungulate;
			Or a Grizzly bear so stout.

		There will always be excitement,
		Of that I have no doubt.
			Whether from a sudden happening,
			Or a careful staking out.

		To get a photo of it –
		That’s what it’s all about.
			And if the pictures are quite fine,
			They’ll make me grin and Shout!

(Dave Hanks)
January 2007