The Water Fountain

What a wonderful attraction is water,
     bubbling so freely there.
Birds are drawn in by the droves
     to that special spot.  Where -

                        Each one quenches it's thirst
                             at anytime of the day.
                        And as I sit watching mesmerized,
                             I'd just like to say:

I'm thankful to be able to sit
     and joyfully enjoy the show.
Some folks sit with bird books,
     others seem to already know:

                         Sparrow, Thrasher, or Towhee;
                              and especially "raucous" Jay.
                         Each approaches the source somewhat different.
                              Each in a special way.

Pyrrhuloxia, Cardinal, or Wren;
     and the ever-present Finch.
But especially the varieties of Woodpecker,
     each one is a "cinch" -

                        To keep your pulse pulsating,
                                and so delightful to see.
                        I experience a range of euphoric emotions,
                                and it seems to me -

That all of God's creatures leave one
     at a loss for words.
But none are so exquisitely glorious,
     as are the beautiful birds!

**Written at Mrs. Sally Spofford's yard in Portal.
       ( South-eastern, Arizona )
( 1-18-00 )