A Sage Grouse Tale

Oh how I wish I was cute! How I wish I was clever – enough to cause “chuckles” at my endeavor. I would write an ode. I would write a poem, about photographing Sage Grouse in their desert home. So I’ll try once more. I’ll try again, to tell a Grouse tale with paper and pen. I needed those Grouse! Needed their pictures “by gum”, and I knew just the place where there might be some. So I journey out west, where there’s nary a tree, to the Low Sage Plateau with my wife’s company. In the evening we went to that wide open space. Cause before it gets light, I must be in place. Set up my blind by that rock over there. Enter at 4:30 AM – with time to spare. To be in place before the sun was ‘riz’, and not “spook” the birds. It’s a touchy ‘biz. In the blind in the dark, I freeze my “butt”. But all around I can hear those Sage Grouse strut. They boom and they flutter. Their wings beat the air, but I’m safely “tucked in” and glad to be where: I can get “close-ups” when it finally gets light. I can get good photos. They should be just right! In time the sun obliged, and “Oh what a sight”! Those Grouse were strutting.They didn’t take flight! There they were, right under my feet. Man they were close, now wasn’t that sweet!” I shot three and a half rolls, that I did. It was hard to stop. Of that I don’t “kid”. But a curious Pronghorn seemed out of his mind. Bounded right up to look into my blind. So off the birds flew. Flew off in their “glory”. But I got some good pictures. That’s the end of this story!

(Dave Hanks)