To Love Nature is to Love People

The eternal scheme shows forth in magnificence
	to those who will open their senses.
It's organization,  utility,  and beauty,
	leaves one limp with wonder.

Man-made structures will never compare to God's,
	for our knowledge is limited.
But "Heavenly Father",  with infinite understanding,
	creates perfection combined with beauty.

Only those with "mal-formed" egos
	attempt to unravel the earth.
The results,  in times to come,  can only
	bring "heart-ache" and desolation.

Human plans must include a respect for creation
	and a cooperation with the natural world.
Any plan based on this will never be obsolete,
	but will survive through the years.

To have contempt for the earth,
	is to have contempt for God.
While having a love for our Creator,
	will cause us to reverence his creations.

But the end result
	is to reverence the human race -
And that is really what it's all for:
	FOR PEOPLE,  people like you!


(Dave Hanks)