A Little Alien Man

A little alien man lives under our house - He is quite small, the size of a mouse. He and I are friends, but to tell any other, Makes them smile, or smirk, or laugh till they smother. Oh fiddle, Oh fiddle, Oh fiddle-dee-dee. Oh twiddle, Oh twaddle, Oh hee-hee-hee! But on hot days, he makes the trip Into our home to take a cool "dip". He'll swim in our bathtub or in kitchen sink, Or even the toilet in spite of the stink. Oh hee-hee, Oh haw-haw, He doesn't do that! Oh piddle, Oh paddle, You lie like a rat! But it's true! It's true! It's just as I've told! He even comes in to get out of the cold. The electric heater is a good place to be - To sit, to scratch, and to be ice-free. Oh biddle, Oh smuckle! If you insist to propose! Oh cruddle, Oh snoodle, Watch the growth of your nose! But it's true. It's true! I heatedly explain. Oh please! Oh please! Please spare us the pain, Of hearing this tale of tall "doo-doo"- About a little man that's a pal to you. (Written for my Grandchildren)

(Dave Hanks)