Ode To Wildlife Photography

As we traveled on our way, upon a bleak December day, in pursuit of elusive beast or bird - Suddenly we are stealthily creeping, slush, all through our shoes, is seeping, while unique and charming photo reaping, of that creature, where we were "lured". Much exhilarated, our senses stirred, we then back off without a word, our lust, for the moment, "cured". Much of our time, thus is spent, amid those things that God has "lent", but it doesn't end here. Returned to home, the pictures back, the good ones we keep, the others "sack", and this is the way we increase the "stack", of those that are sharp, of those real clear. A few excel, those ones so "dear", this brings satisfaction, this brings good cheer, whether December or any other time of year. When this is done it is hard to wait, for each and every upcoming date, to be "off" to the next "clime". At each new, diverse, and intrinsic setting, nature will provide, I am betting, another species to "shoot" - there for the getting, of a glorious life-form of grand design. These things are great, experiences so fine, they make our lives happy, our days sublime, day to day joys at any "ole" time!

(Dave Hanks)