Night Sounds

By Dave Hanks

An owls soft call speaks plainly now
He talks so hauntingly.
	The cool night breeze wafts it forth.
	It resounds from tree to tree.
The crunch of jaws, upon something hard 
Adds mystery to the night.
	Where is it at? What might it be?
	Its somewhere near but out of sight
The rustling leaves, by creatures small 
That scurry to and fro
	They all cause questions to arise
	What are they? Id like to know
Off in the distance, such a plaintive howl 
Emotions it subtly wrenches!
	A lone Coyote that sounds so sad - 
	Reaches deep into my senses
I lie in the dark. Sleep will not come -
As sounds, whether loud or small 
	Excite my thoughts at whats out there
	I wonder about it all