What wondrous things are the molecules of air.
You can walk amongst them and hardly know they're there.

And how can things,  that seem not to exist,
Become so powerful?  A force you can't resist.

Occasionally they gather momentum, on a certain bleak, bleak day.
Then Heaven help whatever may linger in their way.

They become a force so terrible,  unequaled on this earth.
Whether blowing directly or with tremendous, swirling girth.

A thing of terror at times like these.
A wrecking crew - that sudden breeze. 

And it is a marvel that something so indistinct,
Can be such an awesome thing.  It causes one to think -

That it's best not to be about when it's "rocking" truck or tree.
But at other times it's refreshing.  So gently cooling it can be.

So wind is not always bad.  It is beneficial too.
Those molecules cool the heat and push the rain clouds into view.

I guess when all is added,  when all is said and done -
Who is there to change it?  I'm certainly not the one.

Even though those molecules,  can at times cause me stress.
Upon rational reflection,  I really must confess:

What wondrous things those molecules in activated periods when -
Whether sublime or stressful, I must admit, 
	we couldn't survive with out them!

(Dave Hanks)